This Local Tax must be paid every year by property owners in Spain to the corresponding Town Hall depending on the location of the said property. It is compulsory for both, Spanish and Foreign resident and non-resident people.

CASITAWhat is the First Occupation License
(Licencia de Primera Ocupación)?

It is a license issued by the corresponding Town Hall, according to which, you can legally occupy your dwelling. This legal document means that all conditions established in the building license (Licencia de Edificación) have been duly fulfilled. Before this license is extended, the Town Hall has to check that the building has been constructed in accordance with the building license. Please bear in mind that utilities cannot be connected until you have the first occupation license.

handshake-business-family-southeast-asiaWhy contract a Spanish lawyer in the purchase and sale of properties in Spain?

If you are buying or selling property in Spain it is absolutely recommendable to contract a qualified Spanish solicitor who is specialize in Real Estate Law and who can advice you properly, avoiding any kind of legal problems in your investments. We understand that when you are buying or selling your property in Spain, it is not only one more transaction for you and you require a personal and professional service in order to make sure that there not any kind of legal problems or hidden charges on the property, being informed about all important matters in relation to it.


This document entitles a person appointed by you (normally your lawyer) to sign documents on your behalf. You can sign this document in Spain before the Notary Public or even before a Notary Public in your country. In the last case, the Power of Attorney must be stamped with La Hague Convention Apostille Certificate so that it can be considered valid in Spain.

CASA2What can I do if I do not want to be a co-owner of a property in Spain any longer and the other co-owner does not want to reach an agreement?

In that event you can take legal action against the other co-owner of the property in joint ownership in order to get the said property sold by auction once the valuation of the property is made by an official valuator. Every co-owner will receive the benefit of the sale according to their respective shares on the property.

collect a debtWhat are the steps to follow if I wish to collect a debt?

Your Lawyer will make a previous and complete search about the solvency of the debtor in order to inform you about the feasibility of a legal claim. If the debtor is a company, your Lawyer will study the financial situation of the company and the Administrators’ solvency.

In the event that the legal action against the debtor is deemed feasible, your Lawyer will start legal proceedings.

Your Lawyer will also study the possibility of requesting the seizure of the debtor’s goods and assets as a precautionary measure in order to avoid their sale.